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The Artist's Garret Featured in Outreach NC Magazine

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Abstracted from an article Welcoming Guests From Traditional to Unconventional Accommodations in Outreach NC in February 2016 written by Jonathan Scott, with photographs by Diana Matthews

Most travelers in Colonial America had to rely on local folks they found along the way who would rent them a room for the night and possibly share a meal. In fact, it wasn’t until there were railroads and,
later, interstate highways crisscrossing the nation, that lodging for travelers became a commercial industry. However, in one of those swings of the cultural pendulum, a new “old” trend began to blossom in the 1980s and 90s, with the rising popularity of bed and breakfast inns, what we now usually call B&Bs.


Northeast of Pinehurst in Chatham County lies Pittsboro’s Fearrington Village. That’s where Forrest Greenslade, a former molecular biologist with a stint at the Atomic Energy Commission, and his wife, Carol-Ann, bought their quaint retirement home in this picturesque neighborhood in 2000

The home’s original owner had built a garage with a600-square-foot apartment above…
When the couple took over the property, they used the garage apartment as a studio for Greenslade’s new interests: writing, sculpting and painting. He was determined not to let things like heart attacks and retirement slow down his thirst for learning and creativity.

“I was watching one of those TV business shows one morning,” Greenslade says. “They were talking about ‘the sharing economy,’ something I had never heard about. I went online to investigate.” The sharing economy, according to Roger Yu in USA Today, is a movement that “represents the newly cemented intersection of online social networking, mobile technology, the minimalist movement and heightened penny-pinching brought on by lingering economic uncertainties.” As accurate a statement as that may be, it’s difficult to get a handle on what he
means without seeing a concrete example. Greenslade finally found that example in a Forbes article on the sharing economy that mentioned something called Airbnb., pronounced “air-be-en-be,” is a shortened version of Air Bed and Breakfast. Like VRBO, it’s an online network bringing travelers together with people who, like in Colonial America, open their homes to traveling guests. Airbnb now has over 2 million listings in 190 countries and 34,000 cities. The listings can range from a humble bed in a spare apartment room to an entire private island. Airbnb puts both guests and hosts through a rigorous process of validation, making sure their bona fides are legitimate, for everyone’s safety.

Greenslade is the sort of person who likes new ideas, so he and Carol-Ann wondered if they might be able to make a little extra money by turning Greenslade’s art studio into an Airbnb. The venture, however, required some work. “There was paint everywhere,” Greenslade says. “All over the walls and
in the sink where I would wash brushes.” In order to offer part of their home to paying guests, the couple had to do more than paint the walls. “We had to go to the Homeowners Association for permission,” Greenslade says. “We told them that turning our studio into an Airbnb would help fulfill what the neighborhood developer had in mind. There’s an idea here to make Fearrington Village an arts destination. Our place would fit with that vision. You see, it’s also a gallery.”

Calling their home a gallery is nearly an understatement. When Airbnb guests arrive to stay at what the Greenslades call “The Artist’s Garret,” they are inevitably taken on a tour of the main house where virtually every inch of wall space is taken up with the prodigious output of Greenslade’s colorful and varied two-dimensional art. His works outside include almost uncountable original sculptures made from concrete and metal. The side yard garden that the couple designed is a work of art itself, with a path that meanders past a gurgling pond, flowers, shrubs
and unexpected, delightful sculptures of all sorts. The passion that went into each creation permeates the entire ambiance and is unavoidably contagious. “Most of the people who stay with us have come to Fearrington for some sort of family reason: a wedding, a graduation at UNC, care of an older parent or even the last days of someone in the supportive living facility at Galloway Ridge,” Greenslade says. Some guests leave having purchased one of Greenslade’s paintings or sculptures.

Staying at the Artist’s Garret was the first Airbnb experience for Nancy and George Soldatow of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their daughter lived in the area, and they were scouting the area for possible relocation. “Location was the primary factor,” says Nancy Soldatow. “But we definitely were charmed by the details about the apartment. I think it takes a special kind of person to host an Airbnb—a real people person who enjoys sharing his or her neighborhood with others, a community booster.”

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jay wrote

We had a family reunion at Galloway Ridge. With Forrest and Carol-Ann's approval, I reserved the Artist's Garrett for two of my relatives. They loved it! The accommodations and art were amazing. The location is in Fearington Village and very convenient to Galloway Ridge (a nice walk). On our last day, we saw Forrest and Carol-Ann at an art show in Fearington Village to complete a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Super Hosts

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays

Bsaed on a painting by Forrest
May you have a delightful holiday season and an exciting 2015
Forrest and Carol-Ann Greenslade

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Artist's Garret Featured in Chatham County Line

Need begets a local
creative venture
By Deborah R. Meyer
December issue of Chatham County Line

When the economy tanked, few escaped unscathed. Fearrington
residents Carol-Ann and Forrest Greenslade were not among
those lucky few.
“My 401K got kind of burned up, and my wife’s real estate
business slowed down,” Greenslade said. “We were starting to
wonder if our money would run out before we die.”
The couple started thinking about ways to supplement their
income including renting out the small apartment attached
to their home. It was where Greenslade wrote and created his
“But I had reservations about full-time tenants. We had
owned a building once, and it was the worst experience of my
life,” Greenslade said.
Then one morning in late 2013, the Greenslades saw a news
show about small businesses. The focus of the show was the
shared economy, and it talked about some young men who,
though they were college graduates, could not pay their living
expenses. They got air mattresses and put them in their spare
room to rent out to tourists. The men went on to found the
Airbnb website that is now in use world-wide. “I started reading
Forbes and other business magazines about this, and the more
I read, the more I thought this was a good fit,” Greenslade said.
The Greenslades checked with their neighbors to make
sure that they would not be uncomfortable with them turning
his studio into a place where visitors could stay. Then
they got to work fixing up the space. The walls are covered
with Greenslade’s paintings and a bookshelf at the top of the
entry stairs is filled with his sculptures and some of his artist
daughter’s too. There is a hand-painted dining room table and
chairs next to the small but fully-functioning kitchen, a writing
desk, and sitting chairs for lounging. A set of cupboards
holds towels as well as books for visitors to use during their
visit. Brochures about local attractions are provided, and
Greenslade tells them about the vibrant, local art scene 
and the Fearrington nature trails.
“We had our first guest in May of 2014,”
Greenslade said. Since then, the Artist Garret
has been booked about once a month, with
guests typically staying for a few days. Usually
they have come to town for family-related
events, such as a graduation. One couple came
to stay to be near a family member who was
in the last days of his life. To greet each new
guest, the Greenslades stock the studio with a
chilled bottle of Prosecco, cheese and biscuits,
and a bouquet of flowers from their sculpturefilled
 “What has been surprising is how wonderful
people have been,” Greenslade said. “I
kind of thought it would be something I would
have to live through for financial reasons but
it has turned out to be a joy. It also gives me
another opportunity to show my work to a
broader geographical audience.”
Greenslade said that the Airbnb website
takes care of all the financial aspects of this
venture. “They take three percent from us and
six percent from the visitor for use of their
platform. The day after the guest arrives, there
is a wire transfer into our bank account. It
works perfectly for us,” Greenslade said. “We
have now met a lot of people around here who
have used Airbnb when they travel.”
This kind of shared economy is very democratizing
said Greenslade. “You don’t have to be
a Paris Hilton to be in the hospitality business
or have a music contract to publish your CD.
Technology has made a whole world accessible
to the average person if they will just learn
how to use it,” Greenslade said

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About the Artist's Garret

The Space
Bed type: Real Bed
Property type: Apartment
Accommodates: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Check In: 2:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM (noon)
Pet Owner: Dog(s)


$125 /day
Weekly Price: $750 /week
Monthly Price: $2500 /month
Cancellation: Flexible


House Rules

Minimum Stay: 2 nights